Meet some of our Customers

“Our Board of Directors and Executives are hungry to hear the true voice of the customer, UpdateAI arms me with insights they care about”

Jeremy Smith

"UpdateAI captures customer conversations more accurately than other products because it's tuned to a CSM point of view"

Kristi Faltorusso

"My team can't live without UpdateAI"

  • UpdateAI has proven to be very accurate when it comes to summarizing meetings. Since they work on top of the individual transcripts of your Zoom calls, there's no need for a bot to join the call.

    Federico D.

  • The Smart Recaps™️ are game-changing --both for calls I lead and calls my team leads that I'm unable to join. I used to struggle to truly be present, listen and take notes on calls. [...]

    Jenny C.

  • UpdateAI does all the work for us when we are engaging with our customers. It allows us to be present and engaged in the conversation while taking reliable notes behind the sceens. [...]

    Kristi F.

  • As an EA supporting two of the largest orgs in the company I'm hard pressed for bandwidth to attend every meeting, type up notes and send out action items that are crucial to our business.[...]

    Jessica T.

  • I like being able to review the call notes while listening to that particular part of the call to get the best next steps for my clients.

    Keri L.

  • The tone, style and role used allows me to get very accurate information from my conversations. The fact that it is done "in the background" and doesn't have a bot attached is very appealing.

    JB H.

  • Ease of use and amazing insights/action items. I love that UpdateAI provides me with meeting cheatsheets every morning to prepare for my client calls. The best part is the action items and [...]

    Jane K.

  • I really like how I can really interact with my clients in the call without having to take my own notes. I can use keywords for action items and follow-up tasks. [...]

    Kolani F.