Our Platform

Gain back time, attention, and energy needed to build invaluable customer relationships that drive revenue.

UpdateAI frees CSPs from the time-intensive, menial tasks that can now be automated in favor of customer attention

Built for Zoom, on Zoom

Update integrates seamlessly into your existing Zoom application.

Zoom Features
Capturing Features

Automated, Real-Time Note-Taking

CSPs no longer have to pick between taking good notes and staying present with customers during calls - focus on the people while we handle the key takeaways.

Recap Features

'Smart' Agendas and Recaps

Stop worrying about setting that meeting agenda (or remembering to send it out). UpdateAI saves you time, and makes you look great, by helping to prepare meeting agendas that tie together recurring meetings.

Portal Features

Shared Knowledge Portals

Memorializing the customer conversation is never a highlight. UpdateAI makes it quicker, easier, and more transparent to keep all of your teammates aligned on the meaningful relationships you've developed - their status, sentiments, and latest outcomes.

Ready to elevate your relationship?

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