Our Mission

To help Customer Success professionals become outstanding relationship builders

Before UpdateAI...

Customer Success today is so much more than churn prevention; it's about building meaningful relationships. That is: driving adoption, upselling, cross-selling, expansion. Preventing problems before they arise. Driving business growth by developing relationships and creating champions.

Yet barriers exist, surfacing in the form of Task Overload -- distractions that rob each day and chip away at time, attention, and energy. These obstacles risk relationships with customers, and create fatigue, burn out, and employee churn.

After UpdateAI...

But it doesn't have to be this way. Meeting notes can be automated, freeing CS teams to be fully present to their customers. Action items can be quickly and easily distributed so that all cross-functions are more responsive and aligned to customer needs. And this can all occur while operating within the tools and workflows already in use.

Less time on repetitive tasks. More time for what really matters: the customer.


Champion Development

Recover the time, attention, and energy needed to build and develop invaluable customer relationships. Champion Development through UpdateAI is how growth-oriented CS teams turn relationships into revenue.

Mission Intro

Our Beliefs

Our core values bring UpdateAI to life

Its About People

We believe strongly in people. It is the relationships between people that allows us all to find happiness and feel fulfilled in life. This is what drives us to filter out the noise and distractions, so we can be more present in our daily conversation with others and strengthen these relationships.

Diversity Matters

One of the greatest imperatives on businesses and communities today is to foster an environment of inclusivity. Diversity manifests in diverse ways. We strive not only to build a diverse team and serve diverse customers, but to intersect diverse ideas and approaches towards solving CS challenges.

Act with Authenticity

We appreciate radical candor and the open and honest conversations it offers. We are always honest and authentic to our customers. And most importantly, we create an environment of belonging for those around us, with the assurance that they may act authentic to themselves.

Win or Learn

A 20th century baseball proverb states "Win or lose, it's how you play the game." UpdateAI is all about growing and learning from experimentation and exploration. We learn from our successes and most indelibly from our failures.

Be Customer Obsessed

It's not enough to be driven by the voice of the customer. We are obsessed. Our passion is helping our customers build more meaningful relationships with their customers. We love to listen and learn from their stories.


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