Good meetings


Good evenings

Remote life is a nonstop parade of Zoom calls and emails

People spend all day in bad meetings, with vague agendas and a mess of unassigned tasks. Then evenings fill up with leftover tasks and to-dos, instead of real life.

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Woman on the couch with her kid using UpdateAI

Let's make meetings better

More focused, more human and more effective.

So you can get back to living your life.

Woman on the couch with her dog using UpdateAI

You deserve...

  • A clear agenda, so people get what they need and get out quickly.
  • Personal takeaways, so you know when you’re hitting the mark.
  • Easy, instant follow-ups, so you can log right off when the call ends.
  • Organized notes, so you can sleep without worrying you missed a step.
  • An auto-updated to-do list, so you can close the laptop at 5PM.
  • Walks with your dog.
  • Life after work, with no thought toward an endless task list.
  • Time with your friends.
  • Dinner with your kids.
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