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Share knowledge about your customer

Share knowledge about your customer

Empower your teams with a unified workspace. We’re tearing down customer knowledge barriers, enabling seamless note-sharing among teams and back to your clients.

Privacy Controls

Tailored Visibility for Your Meeting Recaps

Adjust visibility effortlessly, whether globally or for specific meetings — ensuring your recaps are seen by the right eyes, internally and externally.

User Permissions

Precision Control with Tiered Access

From SMBs to large enterprises, UpdateAI equips owners and admins with full command over their organization's workspace.

The Smart Recaps are game changing- both for calls I lead and calls my team leads that I'm unable to join. I used to struggle to truly be present, listen and take notes on calls. Now, my full attention is on our customers- allowing me to really listen, present with better body language and virtual eye to eye contact (which matters!)[...]

Jenny Calvert

Director of Customer Success - Hunt Club


Effective marketing and advertising materials. It is also a great tool to use when you want to present your.

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