Call Summary Assistant

Slash your post-meeting work by 30 minutes per meeting

Slash your post-meeting work by 30 minutes per meeting

 Our Smart Summaries™️ redefine meeting notes. With thousands of hours of proprietary data science research over 100K+ meetings, we’ve tailored leading AI models to capture the essence of your customer interactions.

Smart Summary™️ Recaps

Designed to gift you time and clarity.

Structured bullet points and categorized notes for quick reading and optimal memory recall.

Fine-tuned GenAI

A laser-focused AI notetaker for customer meetings.

Our data model zeroes in on the critical insights customer-facing teams value: churn risks, actionable feedback, vital stats, and more.

Video Playback and Transcription

Crystal-clear video recordings and industry-best transcription.

We prioritize superior transcription as it underpins our entire product experience. Our video player? Simply efficient.

Native Recording First, Bot Second

Seamless experience for Zoom users.

We prioritize native cloud recording, deploying our bot only when necessary to ensure minimal intrusion.

Meeting Analytics

Gauge the conversation flow.

By calculating each participant's talk ratio, we offer a quick, invaluable snapshot of your meeting dynamics.

Security and Privacy

Your data’s safe haven.

We're SOC-2, Type II compliant, ensuring robust data security. Fine-tune privacy settings to control visibility within your meeting summaries.

The Smart Recaps are game changing- both for calls I lead and calls my team leads that I'm unable to join. I used to struggle to truly be present, listen and take notes on calls. Now, my full attention is on our customers- allowing me to really listen, present with better body language and virtual eye to eye contact (which matters!)[...]

Jenny Calvert

Director of Customer Success - Hunt Club


Effective marketing and advertising materials. It is also a great tool to use when you want to present your.

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