Customer Intelligence Engine

Silence "Customer Echoes"

Silence "Customer Echoes"

Customers shouldn’t have to retell their stories. UpdateAI captures, distills, and amplifies their voice, ensuring seamless communication across sales and post-sales teams.

Fine-tuned Insight Detection

Churn & Product Feedback Trends

We harness customer voices from meetings, converting them into pivotal insights — pinpointing churn risks, gathering product feedback, and identifying sales opportunities.

Data Pattern Visualization

Transform Stories into Data Trends

UpdateAI morphs qualitative anecdotes into quantifiable voice of the customer trends — making them easily accessible and shareable across teams.

Advanced Filtering & Summarization

Your Data, Your Way

Segment and filter data to your needs, and receive concise, shareable narrative summaries crafted to inform and engage.

Ask Me Anything

Dive Deeper into Your Data

Curious about imminent churn risks or common verbiage used by advocates? Pose any question about your meeting dataset, and we’ll extract the answers.

Custom Model Training (Enterprise Plan)

Custom Model Training

(Enterprise Plan)

Tailored Insights for Advanced Needs

Enterprise clients can mold the model to unearth specialized trend types, ensuring deeper, more precise insights.



How our insights are different from others

With unparalleled accuracy, UpdateAI's cutting-edge AI specializes in semantic pattern detection, setting us apart from the rest. We go beyond rudimentary keyword trackers — which are akin to using CTRL+F and often lead to flawed analyses. They find keywords. We display the full context.

The Smart Recaps are game changing- both for calls I lead and calls my team leads that I'm unable to join. I used to struggle to truly be present, listen and take notes on calls. Now, my full attention is on our customers- allowing me to really listen, present with better body language and virtual eye to eye contact (which matters!)[...]

Jenny Calvert

Director of Customer Success - Hunt Club


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