My team can't live without UpdateAI

Kristi Faltorusso

CCO - ClientSuccess

Key Challenges

  • Time management - CSM teams have trouble executing 4+ calls / day while taking notes, documenting action items, and understanding renewal dynamics

  • Team training - coaching CSMs to "get customers talking" and making sure CSM team is holding less than 30% of the conversation

  • Need to understand product feedback and implementation risks across all customers 

Benefits of Using UpdateAI

  • Teams became more productive and strategic with customers using UpdateAI.  Team becomes "100% present" during strategic customer conversations while trusting UpdateAI take care of the "busy work" in the background 

  • Call breakdowns by % of person talking give CSMs immediate feedback on how well a call went

  • Search for keywords across all conversations and bring "exactly what the customer is saying" about Products to executives directly from UpdateAI transcripts and insight dashboards

Kristi Faltorusso

CCO - ClientSuccess

Favorite Feature

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