Our Board of Directors and Executives are hungry to hear the true voice of the customer, UpdateAI arms me with insights they care about”

David Karp

Customer Success Executive - DISQO

Key Challenges

Making big bets and prioritization for product development that are aligned to real Customer feedback (not lagging indicators like NPS)

Capturing and interpreting the Voice of the Customer across hundreds of weekly customer conversations with a large CS team (+70 CSMs)

Bringing the ACTUAL Voice of the customer to executives and the Board of Directors to inform strategic decisions

Benefits of Using UpdateAI

"Treasure trove" of customer feedback from all customer calls into actionable insight that David can proactively take to executives, board members and product teams

"Democratized note taking" that better captures customer feedback and allows CSMs to focus on the conversation, not taking notes

Better understanding of customer needs transforms how DISQO is making their most important customers wildly successful with their product.

David Karp

Customer Success Executive - DISQO

Favorite Feature